Sydni + Leighton | Summer Farm Engagement Session | Kansas

Can I say how much we LOVE that work is sometimes planning an awesome date night!?  It’s true, we love it! Hiking a lush green countryside or relaxing at home cuddling on the couch.  Roaming the cornfields on a farm or watching the sun set on your favorite city skyline.  I think a story is best told when you are in the place where your heart feels free and life is lived in that moment.

Sydni loves working with animals and both her and Leighton grew up on a farm. Together they moved to Manhattan, KS while she finishes veterinary school. So, planning an engagement session that included their loves and this fun time in their relationship, meant find a place away from home where they could feel at home.  And a friend’s farm turned out to be the most perfect place.

We pulled up the white dirt road white dust trailing our little blue car.  As we got to the end of the road two black dogs came to meet us, tails wagging with fierce excitement.  I looked ahead to see the sun shining on an old limestone barn, a hammock strung from an impressively massive tree and smiling faces of Sydni and Leighton and knew this was going to be an incredible evening…



Sydni + Leighton | Summer Farm Engagement Session | Kansas


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