Romantic Kansas Countryside Engagement

Lauren+Terran’s Romantic Kansas Countryside Engagement:

When you are the outdoorsy, adventurous type like Lauren+Terran, the world is your map and your eyes are your GPS.  In fact, Kansas has plenty of spots to choose from for couples who LOVE discovery.  For L+T their location for a romantic Kansas countryside engagement quenched their thirst for exploration perfectly!  Especially for these two K-Staters, it meant returning to the town where they met and fell in love, now exploring a new corner of it together…

We are so excited to share this Romantic Kansas Countryside Engagement session with you.  Actually, the entire day grey clouds loomed overhead threatening to downpour at any moment.  Following closely the forecasts and weather radars, there was a whisper of hope for a partly sunny evening.  Since Lauren and Terran were headed back to NE the next day, and are adventurers by nature, they had no reservations about taking a chance.  And, oh my heavens, it was breath taking!  As we began our hike, the clouds gracefully parted to reveal beautiful blue skies.  Then, when we reached the top, as if by glorious orchestration, the sun pierced a spotlight onto the rolling flint hills in all of their spring splendor.  Pure magnificence!  And now add a fantastic couple that anyone could fall in love with…

Lauren also chose to incorporate into her session pieces that hold special meaning to her.  What a fantastic way to add significance to already memorable moments!

How They Met:  

Terran and I met our freshman year in college at Kansas State University.  We lived across the hall from each other.  I had “accidentally” forgotten to tell my dad that I chose the co-ed dorm.  When he was helping me move in, he read the names on the doors and realized they were boys names! (Oops!) Little did I know that my plan to meet some boys would actually find me my future husband.

Lauren+Terran, you had us at “we love an adventure”!  You two speak to our own hearts when you talk about your love of exploration and travel and most importantly, sharing new adventures together.  And what better travel companion than your soul mate?!  We are so excited that your paths crossed, for Terran’s persistence (LOL!) and that you’ve invited us to be a part of your exciting journey together!  We can’t wait for your wedding in the fall…


Much Love,


When my friend Samantha and I traveled Europe together, we stayed with some locals in France. She gave me this beautiful, handmade origami crane. Whenever I wear it, I am reminded of our travels and my desire to continue to explore. Terran and I can’t wait to have new experiences+adventures together. 

One of Lauren’s special pieces were earrings that belonged to her Great Aunt.  She lived with my grandparents and my dad while he was growing up. My grandparents bought them for her and from what I was told she wore them frequently. They remind me of my family and how jewelry can mean so much to people! 

Aaaahhhh…. these two, this light and that kiss give us all the feels of a Nicholas Sparks novel!!

Their first embrace:

I remember the day Lauren left college on break.  I wished she could stay longer.  By this time we hung out so much, I didn’t know what I was going to do with myself.  When Lauren was hugging people goodbye I felt really nervous.  Finally, we embraced and there was something.  Something different. Like a wave of emotions.  Good emotions.  Like excitement from getting to hold her, to nervousness…from getting to hold her. And sadness, because I knew this was the last time I would see her for a month and a half. The hug only lasted about a second, the same as for everyone else, but when we pulled apart we locked eyes for a second and I swore I saw something!  Something, he’d later find out was their beginning…

Seriously GUSHING over this dress choice from Lulu’s!!  It’s flowy, it’s gorgeous and it works perfectly with Terran’s plaid flannel and the landscape.

The Proposal:

 Since we recently moved to Omaha, NE and we love parks,  Terran decided to take me to Mahoney State Park one Saturday. They have this lookout tower where you can see for miles in all directions. When we got to the top, the tower was swaying and I got motion sick, so I turned to Terran and said “Let’s not stay up here long”.  Terran said,  “ok”… and got down on one knee! I was completely surprised.

Green Dress: Lulu’s (also where all of her bridesmaids’ dresses are from!)

Pink Dress: The Gap