Romantic City Engagement

Avery+Miles’ Romantic City Engagement:

She woke from a dream, her head was on fire
Why was he so nervous?
He took her to the park, she crossed her arms
And lowered her eyelids
Some day somebody’s gonna ask you
A question that you should say yes to
Once in your life
Maybe tonight I’ve got a question for youShe’d had no idea, started to cry
She said in a good way
He took her by the hand, walked her back home
They took the long way

“Question” song + lyrics by Old 97’s

Miles and I first met freshman year during a new student event. Miles thought I was cute and came up to me and was asking me questions through a megaphone. I thought it was annoying and cute all at the same time.

The Proposal: Miles actually proposed in the space we are getting married in! It was very sweet and special that he chose to do it there! He had my family tell me that we were going to dinner at this nice restaurant but that we needed to stop by Plexpod Westport Commons first to check something out. When we got in the theater, Miles was waiting with both of our families and a gorgeous little set up with candles and pictures. It was perfect!

Avery+Miles, you are both adorable, fun and down to earth.  Thank you so much for spending the evening with us in some of your favorite parts of the city.  We absolutely love discovering the not so usual, unique areas of a city, especially one we’ve been to many times before.  And getting to meet some of your family before the wedding was a fantastic bonus!  Congrats again!  We are super excited for you both.

Much Love,

Melanie and Rick