Loose Park Engagement

Heather+Bradley’s Loose Park Engagement:

There is something so fun about a spring engagement.  Flowers appear almost as if overnight.  Fresh air gently caresses your cheeks while you close your eyes to enjoy the warm sun on your face… Then, just as you open your eyes, very familiar arms wrap you in a loving embrace and you smile because you are JUST THAT HAPPY.  This is what love in spring feels like.   And because Heather and Bradley love to spend afternoons in the park, any chance they get, it was a perfect spot to catch them in their element.

So if you’re having a winter or fall wedding, or are having it in a more urban setting, maybe you want to consider a gorgeous garden spring engagement.

Bradley and Heather met online in April 2014. While their first encounter wasn’t love at first sight, their friendship was instantaneous!  Their love developed over time and Bradley finally worked up the courage to ask Heather to be his girlfriend later that year.  On a cool summer night in June he proposed, (in the gardens of one of their favorite parks, of course!) and later this fall they will be married.

H+B, here’s a giant thank you to the internet!

We are so thrilled that you met and fell in love, not to mention, delighted to be a part of the excitement!  Thank you for the honor of getting to know such a super-sweet couple!

xx, Melanie + Rick

We LOVED how Heather used floral patterns to amp up her park surroundings.

We also love how Bradly is not afraid of color and enhances their look with just the right tones.  Bradley, you are a good man.  Either for your sense of color or just your good sense to put on what Heather tells you looks good!   Either way, props to you!

How sweet are these two?  While walking through the park, Bradly stops on a bridge, puts out his hand and begins to dance with Heather.  Heather tells us that these spontaneous romantic gestures are not unusual.  In fact, she remembers the first time it happened as the moment she knew she had quite literally been swept off her feet!

If you’re a girl who loves her glasses, you’ll love how she glams it up with a frame change from The Vision Clinic!  Way to accessorize Heather!!

I love Bradley’s spirit for adventure.  Whether it’s exploring a little town or trying a new dish, I take comfort in knowing I have him to share my life with.

Bradly shares, I love Heather’s smile. I will purposefully say something “off-the wall” just to see her reactions because they are priceless!