Dreamy Castle Rock Kansas Engagement

This Dreamy Castle Rock Kansas Engagement session with Cinthia + Aaron is an adventure you probably never imagined you’d take, but one that will no doubt take your breath away and have you thinking you should put it on your list.  The rugged limestone formations of the badlands in Kansas are so secluded, you feel like you’ve practically discovered them yourself!  This, with the romantic, etherial style choices of the couple captured the laid-back colorful boho vibe they envisioned.  Colorful smoke bombs, a glam “&” sign and red blanket contrasted perfectly with the natural landscape of these ancient chalk deposits.  Not to mention, sparklers against the clearest, starry night sky.  We are so in love to discover their fun, adventurous spirit and this ancient wonder of Kansas.

Their Story…

Cinthia and Aaron met through family friends during a visit to Kansas City.  As Aaron’s mom introduced him to her family, he politely shook everyone’s hand.  “As I reached out to greet Cinthia,” Aaron recalls, “she was so shy she couldn’t even look at me as she let out a soft hello.  There was something so beautiful about that moment.”

“Cinthia and her family soon after moved out to my home town and in time, we became good friends. We liked each other, but didn’t say anything for the longest time until one day, out of nowhere, she confessed  that she had feelings for me (or at least that’s what she says).  And of course, I felt the same way.”  Aaron wanted to propose to Cinthia with their friends and family around them.  In a genius plot, he turned his own farewell party into a surprise proposal and party for everyone to celebrate. Cinthia, thoroughly surprised, happily and tearfully agreed to marry her best friend.

Aaron comments on how he knew Cinthia was the one (Although we think she had him hooked from that first acquaintance. ):  “She is very patient and caring no matter what the circumstances are.  She always has my back and is extremely supportive.”  Cinthia shares what she loves about Aaron: “He always makes me laugh even when I don’t always feel like it. I love how romantic he is and tries to make me feel special every single day. He is someone that I can trust with my eyes closed.  I wouldn’t change a thing about him!!”

Cinthia + Aaron, we loved every minute getting to know you both better and are so excited for your wedding.  You two are so much fun to be around and we love how you make each other smile.  We hope your lives are full of many more enjoyable discoveries as you begin to build a life as one.

Much love,

Melanie + Rick


Blue Flower Dress: Francesca’s

White Lace Dress: Vanity