Chateau at Coindre Hall Wedding

Jules and Geno’s Chateau at Coindre Hall Wedding has special sentiment for me.  Ok, so photographing and being in a wedding is insane.  However, when it’s your sister, then it’s insanely rewarding. 

We woke up to the sound of sizzling bacon and the smell of fresh coffee. My dad was already in the kitchen. The house was full. My two sisters and I were all back home in the house we grew up in with, in a few hours time, officially each of our husbands. Jules’ wedding had arrived. While it had been a crazy few months because of all the planning, I would do it all over again for the precious moments I was rewarded with for helping someone I love.

So, to be honest, I never truly appreciated how much work goes into a DIY wedding!  Jules designed and crafted everything from her own birdcage veil to the centerpieces.  She created a message tree instead of a guest book and placed pictures of family and friends around the already beautiful Coindre Hall.  Bekka and I gifted her wine and champaign goblets we designed and crafted ourselves.

Everything was beautiful, including the bride. From her make up to her Justin Alexander dress, she was picture perfect…quite literally. She was unexpectedly relaxed and predictably beautiful.  Geno, who promised he would awkwardly fumble in front of the camera, did nothing less than a GQ worthy portrait shoot. While I regrettably missed the first look personally, Carlos and Rick did such a beautiful job capturing the moment that I feel as if I hadn’t missed a single second.  Thanks boys!

Jules, Geno, we wish you all the love, patience and gratitude that marriage requires and has to offer. We love you both very much and hope you treasure looking at these pictures as much as we did making them!

Melanie, Rick and Carlos


Pretty cool to see you in a wedding, Mel. Love those backlit bride photos. And the veil?! So awesome.