Central Park Boathouse Wedding

This intimate Central Park Boathouse Wedding has forever made a lasting impression on me.  It was a true honor simply to be present at Matt and Pakhi’s wedding.  Any of their guests could attest to this fact.  However, to capture moments of pure emotion and tender affection between two people leaves a mark on it’s observers.  Love that overcomes obstacles is inspiring.  It is what many of us strive to achieve.  It’s beautiful to see in others.  The closeness of genuinely supportive families cannot be easily ignored.  And who doesn’t appreciate a healthy dose of humor?? (You know who you are Kane’s… Lol!)

Even if you did not have the pleasure of knowing this amazing couple, aesthetically their beautiful wedding has much to inspire any bride.  An exquisitely jeweled sweetheart gown easily stole the spotlight in NYC’s morning sun.  Crisp navy blue tea length bridesmaid dresses with rhinestone belts gave a regal twist on an afternoon outdoor classic.  Blue hydrangeas in the girls bouquets and especially the grooms navy blue suit pulled together a navy blue and silver themed wedding.  Groomsmen added with complementing grey suits.  Extremely well done!  This wedding is a definite must see.

To capture and freeze these moments to look back on, is humbling.  It is what reminds us of why we chose to be wedding photographers in the first place.  You repeatedly have the opportunity to appreciate what love is by observation.  Through the expressions and experiences of those who have it, your own understanding grows.


Thank you Pakhi and Matt for letting us share with you such a special occasion.  🙂