Brooklyn New York Engagement Session

Alex and Nick’s Brooklyn New York Engagement session was chuck full of fun and iconic New York sights.  Brooklyn bridge to Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Park in between.  Save-the-date balloons and adorably fashionable leopard print Keds.  Not to mention a killer pair of black heels!  A must have for a classy look but, not so savvy on a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.   Good call, Alex.  Fashion plus function.  This couple’s love for the bustling metropolis and New Yorker know-how found us meeting up for a mid-week Brooklyn adventure.

We met Alex and Nick at her sister’s wedding. (See them at her sister’s wedding here.)  We were super excited when Alex told us they would like to have us photograph their wedding as well!  Well of course!  Alex was a photographer’s dream bridesmaid (so was her sister Theresa).  And well, Nick is an easygoing sweetheart.  Together they make a super-sweet, laid back couple.  And smart too.  They knew they were not extremely comfortable being photographed, so they made sure to schedule an engagement session.  Great idea guys!  As the time went by during our session, the results were obvious.  Their investment was paying off.   They were getting more comfortable in front of the camera.  Soon, they began to enjoy themselves as though we weren’t even really there.  And that’s how its done.  Way to go guys!  We know you will have a blast on your wedding day and not even give a second thought to getting your picture taken.  Cause you know you’ll be looking fabulous!

We cannot wait to document these two wonderful people on their upcoming fall wedding at The Stone Tavern Farm.  It will certainly prove to be nothing less than amazing!  Thanks to Jessica and Mike for introducing us to your wonderful family.  Xx

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