Getting to know Eva and Francisco’s story was as nice as getting to know this wonderful couple:).   Their story goes back a few years but it wasn’t until more recently that Francisco and Eva’s lives would join together.  Having been friends for so long, it was on a trip visiting New York last year that Francisco expressed his feelings for Eva and asked her to be his wife.  Imagine the emotion and joy of having asked the woman he loved to spend the rest of their lives together, and then she said no!  Having finished his trip he left New York and was on his way Home.  Thinking that their story was over, to his surprise he received a phone call from Eva saying that she wanted to marry him too!  Needless to say he turned around and the rest as they say is history…  Here are a few of our favorite moments from our day with them!

Reception:  Westbury Manor

Make up:  Lizette Toro, Daniela Russo Lombardo

Photographer: Rick Messina Photography

Music: Dj ElJesse