Why Move Your Business to Kansas

Are you thinking of relocating? Why Move Your Business to Kansas?  I have 5 excellent reasons for you.

Have you ever thought of moving to Kansas or do you find yourself in Kansas already? Are you wondering,  “Is this is a good place to start a business?” Moving in itself is stressful .  When you have a business and are worried if you will survive starting over in a new location, the stress is a whole different kind of monster.  I have been where you are.  My advice?  Take a deep breath.  Now take another.  Take comfort and read on my friend.  Read on.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons We Are Happy We Moved Our Business to Manhattan, Kansas:

  1. Growth.  Manhattan, Kansas is a city that has been experiencing significant growth.  It is also projected to keep growing.  With Kansas State University, The Fort Riley Military base and the new Bio Research Lab (National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility) there is a constant influx of new people.  People of different backgrounds, cultures and consumer needs.  Some stay for a college term or until they get deployed.  Some fall in love with Kansas and decide to make it their home.  And some will move here to support public jobs that these facilities create.  The point is, the more people that come in and out of Manhattan, the more businesses are needed.  No doubt, this is one of the many reasons why Forbes lists Manhattan, Kansas as one of the Best Small Places For Business and Careers in 2015.  Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas also made the list, by the way.
  2. Low cost of living.  

    Of course, implied is the low cost of operating a business.  Manhattan, Kansas ranks 7.7% below the national average, according to Forbes.  We moved from NYC, which is nearly 50% above the national average.  Ouch!! Operating expenses are a lot to consider.  Not to mention food, housing, health insurance and taxes.  Kansas is so pumped to have new businesses it is even offering incentives to do so.  See for yourself on the Kansas Department of Commerce business page.  Also, registering our photography business was very easy.  In NYC we had to run our business while holding down part-time jobs in the medical community just to afford owning a 600 sq./ft apartment.  Here, we are enjoying running our business and having more time to do many of the things we enjoy together.  Sometimes, we sit back and reflect on how nice it is to just breathe.  Aaaah…

  3. A Welcoming Community.

    Sometimes the hustle and bustle of a big city is exciting.  Sometimes it’s downright daunting.  As a business owner, you often feel you’re alone in that struggle.  People are very busy.  Business is very competitive.  Likely, if you’re a small business, you start with friends first.  In time, you build relationships.  We found it refreshing to be in a smaller town with a big sense of community.  Before we arrived, we looked into how the wedding industry businesses market themselves in this area.  Businesses owners took a personal interest in who we are and how we found our way to Kansas.  As we continued to network with fellow photographers, we found many talented people willing to collaborate and share ideas as well as their experiences running their business here.  Please don’t get me wrong, this openness is not exclusive to Manhattan, Kansas but, hospitality and friendliness just seem to be a strong part of the mid-west culture.

  4. University Culture.

    Something a part of this city girl appreciates very much.  Shoppes, trendy restaurants and a downtown area.  People that are open to new, fresh ideas.  Staying current.  Many existing companies in the wedding business here are being creative, re-branding and looking for others who also have new inspirations for their art.  There are so many beautiful artists doing incredible work right here.  K-State also brings an athletic culture to the area.  People can be found all over running, biking, skating, hiking, rollerblading, skateboarding and more.  It’s contagious! There are many State Parks, Trails, Bike sharing programs and gyms and trainers in case you were to get board.

  5. Oh and, Of Course…IT”S BEAUTIFUL!

    People here love Kansas.  And why shouldn’t they?  It’s gorgeous!  The rolling Flint Hills that stretch out into the horizon, golden Prairies in the fall clouds dotted across the vast sky, red, orange and pink painted Sunsets like water colors for miles.

All easy-peasy?

I’m not going to lie to you.  Moving 1,300 miles across the country wasn’t just fluffy dreams of silver lined business clouds.  However, moving to Manhattan, Kansas gave us opportunities and insights into our business, that we might not have otherwise had the courage to explore.  It gave us a push to re-brand and re-create ourselves that has been both exciting and rewarding.  Not to mention a quieter place to do so with a calmer pace of life.  We believe we couldn’t have picked a better place to take that leap.